5 Reasons Why Squeeze Peanut Butter Should Be on Your Shopping List ​​​​​​​​


When it comes to pantry staples that double as comfort food, peanut butter is typically a clear winner. Smooth or crunchy, this versatile spread has been a favorite for generations. But have you tried thinking outside of the jar and reaching for squeeze peanut butter instead? For those who haven’t already tried this fun and convenient alternative, we’ve put together some compelling reasons why it deserves to be at the top of your next shopping list.

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1. Squeeze Means Less Mess

In some cases, peanut butter jars can be bulky and messy, especially if kiddos are in the mix. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible trying to scrape out every last bit from the bottom of the jar. Cue squeeze peanut butter. This convenient packaging solves this problem brilliantly. When you make the switch to squeeze peanut butter you can say goodbye to sticky knives, messy jars, and the frustration of getting that last teaspoon of peanutty goodness.

2. Always Get Just the Right Amount

Some people are true peanut butter fanatics and love adding heaps of their favorite spread, while others just need a tablespoon or two for their Ants on a Log. Whether you want peanut butter on every bite or just need a certain amount to make a recipe, squeeze peanut butter is the spread for the job. The controlled squeeze design lets you dispense just the right amount of peanut butter every time you reach for it.

3. On-the-Go Convenience

Life can get chaotic quickly, especially with after school activities and full social calendars. With crazy schedules there are days when you need a quick and nutritious snack that’s easy for in the car or walking to events. Squeeze peanut butter is perfect for those moments. This protein-packed pick-me-up is great to simply toss in your bag or keep in the car for snacks in a pinch. For families who are always on the run, try Jif® Portable Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter!

4. Kids Love It

For most parents, peanut butter of all types is a fan-favorite among kids. Squeeze peanut butter takes the hassle out of making PB&Js, Ants on a Log, apple and peanut butter snacks, and other go-to snacks kids love. Plus, squeeze peanut butter spread means less cleanup and more time for you to enjoy those special moments together. That’s a win for the whole family!

5. Versatile in the Kitchen

Don't let the convenience fool you; squeeze peanut butter is just as versatile as its in-the-jar counterpart. Simply give it a squeeze and you’ve got a simple way to incorporate peanut butter into your smoothies, oatmeal, dessert nachos, and cookies. If you’re planning on preparing a dish with peanut butter, squeeze is the way to go.


Squeeze peanut butter is not just the next big pantry innovation; it's a practical, time-saving, and tasty addition to your shopping list. Whether you're a parent looking for a way to cut down the mess during snack prep for your kids or a foodie interested in trying this out for yourself, squeeze peanut butter has something for everyone. So, the next time you're at the store, don't forget to add Jif® Squeeze Peanut Butter varieties to your cart! Happy shopping!