Sometimes, the day-to-day can feel so hectic, and the little moments can be gone before you know it. But making small family connections can add up big time. Here are a few ideas for spending some quality time together.

Start a Journal Together

Take a trip to the bookstore, pick out a pretty notebook, and write a quick, encouraging note to your daughter. Then explain that this notebook is intended to be a place for you both to share honest feelings, memories, and thoughts. Draw, doodle, and scribble away. You can pass this record of your relationship back and forth, facilitating more open communication.

Create a PB&J Bar

Pick a weekend night and serve a sandwich favorite —the PB&J—for dinner, with all the fixin’s. Make sure everyone has the three classic ingredients to choose from, but add special twists. Think bacon bits, honey, bananas, flavored jellies, and different breads, rolls, and bagels. Who will make the most creative PB&J?

One-on-One Playdates

Your kids will love it if you take a night out of the week and go out, just the two of you. Whether you eat at a favorite restaurant, see a movie, play on a playground, or just walk the dog, the one-on-one time can feel special and fun… and will break both of you out of your day-to-day routines.

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