5 Peanut Butter and Jelly School Lunch Box Ideas ​​​​​​​​

Kids always look forward to lunchtime! Want to make sure that all of the bits and bites you pack add up to a delicious midday meal they’ll be excited to eat? Try our five creative pb&j lunchbox ideas!

PB&J Sushi Rolls

Keep lunchtime fun and exciting by putting small twists on the traditional staples. PB&J Sushi Rolls are a fun take on an old favorite, but they’re easy for you, too! Just remove the crusts, flatten the bread, and spread on the PB&J. Roll into a tight spiral, cut into pieces, and voilà!

PB&J Fruit Kabobs

Switch things up by turning your regular sandwiches into PB&J Fruit Kabobs. Cut a PB&J into pieces and place them on a skewer with fresh strawberries and seedless grapes. Talk about fun!

Grab ’n Go PB&Js

Sometimes, alarms don’t go off and kids fall back to sleep—that’s life. But don’t stress! Instead, make a few PB&Js ahead of time and throw them into the freezer. That way you can just grab one and go. It’s a simple solution for a hectic morning.

PB&J Granola Bar Bites

Just one bite of a homemade treat can transform your kids’ day and take it from good to great. Add PB&J to a chewy granola bar for no-fuss PB&J Granola Bar Bites—they’re a delicious upgrade to an everyday lunch box snack.

PB&J Cut-Outs

Stars, crowns, or even animals—use cookie cutters to turn a PB&J into their favorite things. It’s a sweet surprise and a surefire way to make them smile with every bit


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