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Spotlight on Snack Time: 5 Fun Twists on PB + Celery

August 30, 2016

Mmm—there’s just something about smooth peanut butter and crunchy celery. This crave-worthy combination of flavors and textures has made it a snack-time favorite for years. It’s pretty simple, but oh-so-good, and it’s about to get even better. Try our creative new takes on a snack-time classic.


Hogs on a Log

Savory bacon and sweet raisins add another layer of delicious flavor—and are a whole lot of fun, too! Ready to eat in 20 minutes, these Hogs on a Log make a satisfying anytime snack.  


Snail Snacks

Tasty bits and bites add up to one sweet after-school surprise! To make this adorable snack, take a piece of celery, and add peanut butter and an apple slice. Next, add pretzel pieces for a antenna and mini chocolate chips for the eyes, and enjoy with the kids!


Fish Food

For an added crunch and burst of flavor, add fish-shaped cheese crackers to your celery and peanut butter for a snack that’s sure to make waves with the kids.


A +PB +Cs

For something a little sweeter but just as fun, turn your favorite combination into a trio. Just add animal shaped crackers—yum!


Airplane Snacks

Snack time soars to new heights with these easy-to make airplanes. Use celery and peanut butter as the body of the plane, add grapes for the wheels, and top with a graham cracker for the wings. Then you’re ready for takeoff!  


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