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About Us

Our legacy starts with peanuts but is carried on with every scoop, spread, or squeeze of Jif® Peanut Butter.

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The Jif® team believes in helping people and families feel comforted, empowered and delighted with classic peanut butter spreads, health-conscious choices and crave-worthy combinations. We also believe in helping places and communities be their very best.

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That means not only providing the most delicious peanut butter on the planet, but also operating responsibly, sustainably and generously — caring for the environment, treating farmers well and helping those in need.

So, every time you savor a taste of Jif peanut butter, whether it’s a spoonful of Jif No Added Sugar Creamy Peanut Butter Spread or a dollop of Jif Squeeze straight from the pouch, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping to spread some good, too.

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Our Story

The Jif brand has been around a long time. Our peanut butter and snack offerings continue to grow and evolve so that we can serve you better. 

Meanwhile, our business operations and other initiatives keep improving, too, so we can protect the environment and nourish the greater good.

For more information on our commitments to people and the planet, please see our Corporate Responsibility Report.

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We only work with direct suppliers who contractually agree to labor standards that protect human rights. We use social compliance audits to help ensure that our suppliers’ practices are aligned with our Basic Beliefs.

For more information on our commitments to people and the planet, please see our Corporate Responsibility Report.

For more information about our parent company, visit  www.jmsmucker.com.

Ethical Palm Oil Purchasing Principles, Policies and Procedures

Protecting Forests

  • No development in high-carbon stock forest areas or high-conservation-value areas
  • No burning to clear land for new planting or replanting.

Protecting Peat Lands

  • No new development on peat lands, regardless of depth.
  • Apply Best Management Practices for existing plantations on peat lands and explore options for restoration when feasible.

Fostering Positive Impacts on Human and Community Rights

  • Respect and support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Respect and recognize the rights of all workers.
  • Facilitate the inclusion of smallholders in the supply chain.
  • Prohibit the use of forced and child labor, and human trafficking.
  •  Respect land tenure rights, including the rights of indigenous and local communities to give or withhold their free, prior and informed consent to all new development or operations on lands to which they hold legal, communal or customary rights.
  • Resolve all verifiable complaints and conflicts through an open, transparent and consultative process.


Jif® is passionate about delivering high-quality products and doing the right thing. But sometimes, the “right thing” is a tough nut to crack. So through the work to realize our corporate objectives, as part of The J.M. Smucker Co., we have committed to specific, actionable guidelines and goals to keep us accountable. Below are just a few examples.

Exceeded our 2020 Corporate Environmental Impact Goals


Divert 95% of waste from landfills to alternative uses (Final 2020 Result: 96.2%)


Reduce water-use-intensity by 15% (Final 2020 Result: 18.7%)


Reduce greenhouse gas-emissions-intensity by 10% (Final 2020 Result: 26.1%)

Corporate Packaging Sustainability Commitments

  • Striving for 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging materials by 2025
  • Making How2Recycle information available for all packaging by 2025
  • Ensuring 100% of fiber-based packaging is from recycled and/or certified sources by 2025
  • Working toward including 30% post-consumer recycled or renewable resource materials in plastic packaging by 2030

We will be announcing our new environmental impact goals this fall. For more on our environmental sustainability commitments visit: https://www.jmsmucker.com/our-impact/healthier-planet