Finally put the Lid on the #JifvsGif Debate

GIPHY x Jif Limited Edition Jar

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When is it OK to call a Gif a “Jif”? Never.

Jif® is peanut butter. GIFs are looping animations.

It’s been the most polarizing debate of our time, and we’re not talking about whether pineapple goes on pizza. No, we’re talking about the dispute that’s dragged our good name into the front lines of pronunciation combat. We’re talking about JIF vs GIF. Soft G vs Hard G. And we think it’s time you talked about it, too.

So we’ve teamed up with GIPHY to help you do just that. Our limited edition jar makes the difference between GIF and JIF unquestionably clear, and our #JIFvsGIF GIFs make spreading the word incredibly easy.

Team Hard G Needs Your Help

GIFs may be silent, but you should make your opinion heard! Check out what others are already saying.

Join the Raging #JIFvsGIF Debate

1. Find Our New Jif Gifs

Simply search #JIFvsGIF wherever you use GIPHY. 

2. Post Your Jif Gif

Think of it as the perfect visual aid for your public pronunciation proclamation.

3. Don't forget to add #JIFvsGif

This will ensure your opinion spreads as quickly and smoothly as our Jif peanut butter.

Team Soft G Makes a Soft Case

No great debate would be complete without a great adversary. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one. So here’s this guy.  

A Message to Our Jif Family about the Coronavirus.

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