Jif® Social Cookbook

Presentation Tips

Taking the BEST
food photos & videos

A picture speaks a thousand words. Let yours tell the story about your delicious, homemade creation. With a few tips, you can style your food photos and videos like the pros!

General Tip #1

Capture your dish right when it's finished (make sure the entire dish is in the shot!). You want it to look as fresh as possible.

General Tip #2

Put your creation on attractive dishware or place it in a colorful surrounding. To ensure your dish looks as good as it tastes, you need to set the right mood.

Taking a Photo of Food

Whether you love taking photos or you're just starting out, it's possible to take crisp, amazing pictures with your digital camera!

Digital Camera/Mobile Phone Camera

  1. Embrace natural light. Sun shining through a window can cast subtle shadows, making even a simple dish look spectacular!
  2. Find the perfect angle. Position the camera on the table, shoot up close, or try shooting from overhead.
  3. Don't overwhelm your photo with lots of props or busy patterns. Make your dish the star!
  4. Watch out for blurry photos. Keep a steady hand (and a steady dish).
  5. Keep snapping until you find the shot you love!
Taking a Photo of Food

Want to include an instructional video on how to prepare your creation? Read more for some helpful tips on shooting a great instructional video!

Tips for Videos

  1. Don't show every step! Have some ingredients prepped, such as diced vegetables, and pre-measured ingredients.
  2. When framing up your shot, make sure your hands, face, ingredients, and dish are all visible. Change up angles as necessary to zoom in on important steps!
  3. Remember: Speak clearly, plan what you'll say with a script or notes, be brief, and act natural!

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