Perk up packed lunches for Back to School


Back to school shopping includes cool new clothes and school supplies, but don't overlook cool new lunch accessories, too. From insulated bags to retro lunch boxes, let the kids pick out their gear to make a personal statement in the lunch room.

What's inside counts, too. Younger kids will love finding a note from home tucked inside and familiar favorites for lunch. No matter their age, all kids benefit from colorful fruits and veggies lowfat milk and Jif® Peanut Butter to help them power through a busy school day.

For kids any age, try these easy ideas to make back to school lunches fun:

Lunar Lunch: Star-shaped cookie cutters create a galaxy of PB&J's. Add a bag of crunchy meteors (known here on Earth as popcorn) and half of an alien-looking kiwi that can be eaten directly out of the skin, with a spoon. (We hear that's how they do it on Mars.)

Peanut Butter Pizza Party: Create a mid-day pizza party for your little ones. Pack a plastic spoon for spreading Jif Peanut Butter on whole grain pita, and toppings like banana, raisins and chocolate chips.

Asian Adventure: Fill a bento box with cold noodles dressed with Peanut Sauce, peel and eat Edamame and a thermos of sweetened green tea. Don't forget to include a fortune cookie!

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