Easter Egg-stravaganza


Part food, part craft, all fun! Try these easy Easter ideas everybunny will love!

Cause a "commotion": Fill baskets with Easter grass or colorful paper shred. Turn colorful cupcake papers inside out (so that you can see the pattern or color) and place a Chocolate Caramel Commotion Bar in each. Fill the baskets with the bars, foil wrapped eggs and jelly beans.

Be a good egg: Make Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Bites into egg shapes. Place colorful cupcake paper into plastic eggs or an egg carton. You may need to fold and pleat them a bit to fit. Then fill each with an egg-shaped cake bite. Put one at each family member's place setting for an irresistible Easter treat.

Start nesting: Place a couple of twigs from the yard on a large round serving platter making sure the twigs extend beyond the edge of the plate. Make a "nest" using Spanish moss (available at craft stores) in the center of the plate and fill with Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Easter Nest Decor. The final touch? A faux bird or butterfly nestled in the nest.

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