New Ways to Enjoy Jif® Peanut Butter


We're all creatures of habit and getting kids to try new foods and flavors can be a real challenge. Why not turn the challenge into a game that just might entice the entire family to expand their food horizons?

Musical (dining) chairs:

Kids are more apt to try new foods when a familiar, well-liked food is served alongside. Set plates of different chopped fruits and veggies, along with your child's favorite variety of Jif® peanut butter for dipping, around the table. Start the music, and when it stops, each player tries something from the plate that's in front of them.

Artful Eating:

Encourage your child's creativity by letting him create funny faces from both new and familiar foods. Bowls of chopped fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses, along with favorite crackers can be transformed into funny faces that just might inspire even the pickiest eater to try something new.

Scent-sational Supper:

Explore the spice drawer with your child. Let them see, smell and taste their way through the array of exciting aromas and flavors. Tasting something familiar, like an apple sprinkled with cinnamon, just might lead the way to something more adventurous like basil sprinkled on a cherry tomato.

Read on for more fun and delicious new ways to enjoy all the flavors and varieties of Jif peanut butter.

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