Back to School: Off to A Great Start!


A good start to the school year can go a long way to building a child's confidence and shaping their attitude. Most kids look to the new school year with a mix of excitement and anxiety. As parents, we can help get their year off to a great start. Here's how:

Make a fun event out of buying school supplies about 2 weeks before school starts. Not only will you find the best selection, it will signal the start of preparations for new routines and schedules.

Re-establish meal and bedtime routines about a week before school starts. Take time to discuss as a family the importance of a good night's sleep and nutritious food choices. Together, browse the recipes on and choose your breakfast menu for the first day of school.

Resist the urge to over buy back to school clothes. Summer clothes are generally most appropriate for the first month of school and your child may have very different ideas about what's "cool" once the school year is in full swing.

Visit the school with younger children. Call ahead to arrange to meet with their teacher or to take a walk around the school to see the cafeteria, gym and playground.

Keep the lines of communication open. Talk about how they are feeling and what concerns they may have for the first few days and weeks.

Stay organized and keep the excitement building, which will help you and your child get off to a great start!

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