Gearing Up for Summer Road Trips


Car trips bring the family closer - literally! Before you hit the road, get prepared with these simple tips:

  1. Time it: For your sanity and theirs, plan an age appropriate trip. Older children can press on, but don't plan long stretches if there's a toddler on board!
  2. Pack smart: Create a packing list and think through what you'll need- and what you won't. For more leg room, and less to manage, leave behind the non-essentials.
  3. Be ready for anything: Keep a basic first aid kit, wipes and a change of clothes for each child easily accessible to avoid having to unpack the car to get them if they're needed.
  4. Stash plenty of snacks! A well-timed snack like Jif® To Go™ peanut butter and your favorite fruits and vegetables can be a lifesaver! Serve small snacks throughout the trip. You'll get a lot of (peaceful) mileage out of a batch of individually wrapped Coconut-Peanut Butter Bars.
  5. Open up your bag of tricks: Fill a tote with books, CDs, videos and small toys. Hand them out as needed to keep things calm - and the kids occupied.
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