Celebrate Fall with Seasonal Themed Treats!


Bring beauty and style to everyday treats with these simple tricks: Color: When creating a salad, or a whole meal, use color for flavor and contrast. From green leafy lettuces to crisp apple to earthy walnuts, color signals nutrition and that's something to feel good about. Texture: Include crispy, crunchy and creamy foods in your meal plan for exciting textural interest. Whether it's touch of creamy goat cheese in a salad, hearty vegetables in a beef stew or a brightly colored icing on your favorite cookie, texture makes food pretty to look at - and a pleasure to eat.

Shape: From a perfect apple to an adorable cookie, shape makes food interesting. Must be i why we all love cut-out cookies in festive holiday shapes! Don't stop at cookies! Use cutters to make everything from pancakes to PB&Js even more fun to eat!

Height: From sprigs of fresh herbs to towering layer cakes, height adds visual excitement to food. For an instant boost in stature, a cake stand does wonders for even the humblest cookies, muffins and baked goods. Tie on seasonal ribbons for added flair.

Planning helps make these meals come together with a minimum of fuss.

Long cooking Savory Beef Stew makes a great Sunday supper that will fill your home with delicious smells- and your family with anticipation! Cook extra for a quick and easy meal later in the week (or a warm and welcoming packed lunch for at work desk-dining!)

On nights when time is precious, Grilled Curry Shrimp makes meal time a snap. As the shrimp marinates, heat the grill, toss together a salad and a simple vegetable. The shrimp only cooks 3-5 minutes per side, making this meal fast food you can feel good about!

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